10 Ways to Keep Your Laundry Room and Mudroom Organized

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The laundry room and the mudroom are probably the two areas in your home that collect the most clutter and dirt. Luckily, there are many ways that you can keep your laundry room and mudroom organized and multifunctional. 

Here are the 10 best ways to keep your laundry room and mudroom organized.

  • Place boot scraper and an indoor mat 

The last thing you want to do is to bring snow, mud, and dirt inside your home. The best way to prevent this is by putting a boot scraper to help you remove the dirt from your shoes before going inside. Additionally, an indoor mat that will catch whatever dirt is left. 

  • Have a place to hang wet items

You can make use of the back of the door to put hooks to hang your wet clothes. Or install a hanging rack or a hanging rod below the hanging cabinet to place your wet items on.  Just make sure to put down a tray that will catch dripping water. 

  • Install a shoe rack

Do not install a shoe bin in your mudroom. Bacteria love to dwell in dark and wet areas like your shoe bin, making it stinky. When adding an organizer in your mudroom for your damp shoes, opt for a shoe rack as it allows better air circulation. 

  • Use cabinets and shelves to organize things

Your organizing projects wouldn’t be complete without cabinets and shelves. Hanging cabinets and open shelves will maximize the space in your laundry area and keep it in order. 

  • Set up a workspace

Many people do more than simply wash their clothes in the laundry room. They may also do their ironing and clothes folding there. To make these tasks easier, it may be ideal to include a foldable table in the area so that you can complete these tasks more efficiently. 

  • Add bins

Bins and baskets can be powerful additions to your laundry room and mudroom especially if you have open shelves and cabinets. These lifesavers will help you organize and designate items as well as make the area feel less cluttered. 

  • Label your organizers

So you already have bins and baskets in your laundry room and mudroom. The next thing that you should do is to put labels on them. This makes it easier for you and your family to find specific items and is a massive time-saver.

  • Take advantage of narrow spaces

Sometimes there are narrow spaces in your laundry room and mudroom that will end up unused if you don’t use your creativity. To take advantage of these areas. One thing you could do is build a simple rolling laundry cart that will hold your laundry and cleaning supplies. 

  • Keep cleaning supplies nearby

A good rule of thumb to keep a space organized is to put widely used items nearby. In a laundry room, this may include detergent and cleaning supplies. You can install a shelf just above the washing machine to make sure that the detergent and other supplies are within your reach. 

  • Give your mudroom and laundry room a thorough cleaning

Laundry rooms and mudrooms accumulate dirt and clutter fairly easily. To maintain the room’s cleanliness, make sure to do a deep clean of these areas at least once per season. Rid yourself of items that are no longer of use for the family to keep these areas clutter-free.  

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