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A well organized mudroom allows you to keep everything in one place, where it is easily accessible and out of the way.

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are frequently located together at the back entrance of the home. Often used as the main entrance point for family and friends, this space can become messy and disorganized very quickly without a good storage system in place. Unfortunately, the never ending saga of laundry and mudroom messes can make even the cleanest home seem unwelcoming, disorganized and dirty. Banish the mess of laundry room and back door clutter with a custom organization solution like these! Closet Works can turn that mess around for you with custom laundry room cabinets and a mudroom storage solution custom designed to meet your individual organizational needs!

We had a total of seven spaces organized by Closet Works. Four closets, one kitchen pantry, one laundry room and my Man Storage Space. The Closet Works crew moved fast and got everything installed quickly. Everything is really nice. Not only did they add in places to hang clothes but also added shelves for folded clothes, hooks for hats and locking drawers to store jewelry.

– Yelp Review

A mudroom is a common area of the house, especially in American homes. In a nutshell, it is traditionally a home’s casual secondary entrance designed to keep entrances clear of dirt and avoid wet coats and shoes from making a mess on the floor. It is dedicated to giving you a place to take muddy shoes and overcoats off, clean and dry them, and put them away. The moment your guests enter your home, this is probably the first thing they’ll see first. It doesn’t have to be an entire space, but it could only be a portion of it. 

The Purpose Of A Mudroom 

When designing a mudroom, the first thing you need to consider is its purpose. Mainly, a mudroom’s function is to keep smelly boots, school bags, etc., out from underfoot. It can either be located near the garage or back entry, an area in the laundry room or pantry, or near whichever door you usually enter. In order to effectively design your mudroom, experts suggest dividing a larger space into zones to keep the flow of traffic clear coming in and out of the door. By doing so, it can also keep your mudroom clean and clutter-free.

What Is Included In A Mudroom 

A mudroom will not be complete without the following components: 

  • A bench. It is for you and your guests to sit on and remove shoes.
  • Furniture. The mudroom will not be complete without furniture, including cubbies or lockers, a shoe cabinet, and a closet for coats and out-of-season items.
  • Storage. To keep things clean and ensure your mudroom’s durability, be sure to add different storage boxes or cabinets for each family member.  Plus, a separate drawer for guests and other stuff is important. 
  • Lighting. Overhead lighting and task lighting are important components of a mudroom. The lighting should be functional and must have an adequate number of lights.
  • Flooring. Being a high-traffic area, hardwood flooring is highly preferable. On the other hand, experts suggest that ceramic tile is the best material for mudrooms because of its durability and non-porous nature.

A well-designed mudroom is essential, especially if you have kids. If you are in need of professional assistance regarding mudroom design and ideas, Biltmore Design Galleria can help you out. Feel free to give them a call today!



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