How to Get Your Dream Kitchen

A modern kitchen design with metal stools and ceramic tiles

Have you been dreaming of new kitchen cabinets lining the walls of your kitchen with ample storage space? What about shiny new countertops stretching across your kitchen that provide the perfect amount of workspace? Get your head out of the clouds and make that dream a reality! Creating kitchens for dreamers is part of our expertise at Biltmore Design Galleria. We will help you design your kitchen from dream to finish.

The First Step Towards Your Dream Kitchen

The first step toward planning your dream kitchen is to visualize it. On the Biltmore Design Galleria website, we have a Virtual Kitchen Designer and a Countertop Edge Visualizer. Using this software, you can create a virtual kitchen that expresses your remodeling ideas. It will also give you the chance to explore all of our cabinets, countertops, flooring, and backsplashes. This will make you more confident in deciding the final design of your kitchen. Once you have gathered your ideas or if you need assistance, visit our website contact page for our address, telephone number, or email to get in touch.

From Dream to Design

As a Kitchen Remodeling and Design Solutions Contractor, Biltmore Design and Galleria carries all of the products that you will need to design your dream kitchen. If you are in pursuit of an eco-friendly kitchen, we offer Starmak cabinets. Starmak Cabinetry uses environmentally friendly materials in the production of their cabinets. If you wish to design your own cabinets, custom made finishing is available by Craft-Maid Cabinets. Vista Products is our contemporary line of cabinets that are modern, sleek and offer smart organizational features. Glazed cabinets, painted or natural wood cabinets can be selected in our Norcraft Cabinetry catalog. The last of our cabinet products are by Marsh Cabinetry. Marsh Cabinetry creates appliance cabinets and open wall cabinets that provide a clean, open-style. After choosing your cabinets, you can browse our stone countertop products and pick a matching backsplash. We also have flooring products available that are sure to complement any kitchen. Once you have selected all of the products needed for your new kitchen, our experts at Biltmore Designs and Galleria will have your dream kitchen built into a reality.

Beyond the Kitchen

At Biltmore Designs Galleria, we offer services that reach beyond your kitchen and reach all throughout your house. Although the kitchen is the heart of a home, we know that it takes more than a kitchen to maintain a functional home. We offer the following services for those important areas beyond your kitchen:
*Kitchen remodeling
*Bathroom remodeling
*Tile and hardwood flooring
*Plumbing and electric services
*Basement finishes

At Biltmore Designs and Galleria, we have experts available for appointments for all of the services that we provide. You can also find more information on all of our products and services on our website.

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