Kitchen Storage Ideas to Get More Organized

Multi-layer kitchen cabinet storage drawers

The kitchen is another place in the home where most of the family spends time. It is where we get to show our creativity and love for our family by preparing food and drinks. It is the place we sought to when we are stressed with work — a cup of coffee or a glass of wine is enough to lighten up our mood a bit.

With the number of activities that we do in the kitchen, it wouldn’t be surprising for it to get cluttered and crowded with kitchen items sometimes. Biltmore Design Galleria has prepared 6 kitchen storage ideas that make your kitchen more functional and spacious.

Organize According to its Uses

The first thing that you need to do when decluttering and organizing your kitchen space is to remove everything that is no longer useful. Throw out those items that are already expired. Aside from getting more space, it also saves you and your whole family from getting indigestion caused by accidentally eating expired food. Next is to organize all the utensils and food items according to their uses. Allocate zones intended only for food items, for pots and pans, for cleaning supplies, and others.

Make use of Pull-Out Cabinets

One kitchen renovation idea that has become increasingly popular nowadays is the pull-out storage. Whether it’s in the cabinet or that small vertical space in between your sink and kitchen appliances, installing a pull-out cabinet or storage is a great way of organizing things and accessing them easily.

Declutter Countertops with a Lazy Susan

Despite the foot traffic in your kitchen and the number of items you find in your countertops, there are still items that you can’t remove from it such as your salt, pepper, sugar, or coffee. Organize these items in a lazy Susan to declutter your countertop. This is a great way to clean your countertop while still being able to reach the much-needed items easily whenever you need them.

Don’t Forget the Sides of your Cabinets

One place in the kitchen that we often overlook are the sides of the cabinets. To make use of this exposed space, install hooks or rails so you can hang some of your kitchen items that used to take up space in your cabinet or drawer such as sifters and others.

Clean the Fridge

Another place in your kitchen that can get really dirty and disorganized is the refrigerator. Evaluate the foods that you just unceremoniously tossed inside it last week or the other and see if still good to be eaten. Check your opened bottle of ketchup too if it isn’t expired yet. Give your refrigerator a thorough cleaning and remove everything that is already stale and deemed unusable.

Go vertical

There are times that no matter how you arrange items, they will still look unorganized and look like a pile-up of items. To avoid this, try organizing specific items such as cutting boards and food trays in a vertical slot. This way, it would be easier for you to grab them since they have a space intended for each item.

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