The Benefits of Installing a Murphy Bed

Girls Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed was designed in the early 20th century by William Murphy. His objective was to create a bed that could be folded up to the wall and pulled down for the purposes of creating sleeping space in a room. Below are the  benefits of installing a Murphy bed:

1. Saves space

One of the major things that makes the Murphy bed popular is its ability to save space by folding up and out of the way. It gives you an opportunity to add an extra mattress in a room as opposed to a larger ordinary bed.

For example, if you decide to install a Murphy bed in your kid’s room, you can easily push the bed up and create space for them to play during the day. It is a perfect solution for smaller homes where bedrooms have limited spaces.

2. Variable sizes

When Murphy beds were first introduced, they were limited in terms of size. It was difficult to find them in full or twin-sized options. But today they are available in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of different people. It has become easier to customize a Murphy bed than it used to.

3. Creates multi-purpose space

Small houses have limited space. Sometimes you might not even have enough space to host visitors. But with a Murphy bed, you can turn a bedroom into a makeshift guestroom or for anything else you wish. In other words, a Murphy bed allows you to recreate a room into something more functional. The room can suddenly accommodate more people or items that it couldn’t before.

4. Durability and supreme comfort

It is easy to think that a Murphy bed is not comfortable. Unlike the earlier versions, a modern Murphy bed is just as comfy as an ordinary bed. You can fit them with mattresses that are 12-inch thick. It is also possible to install a Murphy bed that does not need a box spring. In addition, a Murphy bed can last up to 10 years.

5. Creative customization

Another major benefit of Murphy beds is that they can be customized to meet specific needs, from drawers to cabinet add-ons. In other words, a Murphy bed can be personalized to meet certain specific needs. This is something that can’t be easily achieved in ordinary beds.

6. Flexibility

A Murphy bed also makes it easy for you to mix and match the seating arrangements in a room. It is unlike a traditional be that permanently occupies space in a room. You can fold a Murphy bed on the wall and transform the arrangement into a room.

In a nutshell, there are many benefits that come with installing a Murphy bed. Other than creating extra space in a room, it is comfortable and can last for a period of 10 years. Visit Baltimore Design Galleria today and see the available options!

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