5 Trending Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Open shelving was once standard in all home kitchens, as crafting cabinets called for significant expense for skilled artisans. Even in today’s big-box home product outlets, cabinets still cost a pretty penny, which has led to open kitchen shelving’s revival. Yet this modern kitchen storage trend’s benefits go beyond cost-effectiveness. It also helps modestly-sized kitchens feel space, integrate a splash of color, create display spaces, and more.

Northern Virginia residents can turn to Biltmore Design Galleria for kitchen shelving to transform their homes’ busiest spaces. We offer the most exciting kitchen remodeling opportunities to homeowners who want to re-imagine their indoor spaces. Previous customers rave about the quality of our services and products, returning to us for future projects and updates. To learn more about our options or get a free project estimate, call (703) 657-3303 or visit our Chantilly showroom.

Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

With more homeowners gravitating toward open shelving, some particular design ideas and approaches have risen to the top, including:

1. Modern Farmhouse Redesigns

The country kitchens of the past required open shelving, no matter their owners’ preferences. Yet modern farmhouse redesigns blend open shelves with strategic cabinet use (the latter holds items that people prefer not to display). Painted one color throughout the living space, typically a shade of white, the shelves are set against painted clapboard walls. Incorporating natural light with expansive replacement windows helps the room feel breathtakingly spacious.

2. Invisible Glass Kitchen Shelving

Sleek glass shelving permits homeowners to leave their existing décor in place without adding elements that make it feel busy. Indeed, it allows you to rethink your kitchen through the displayed items. For instance, you can illustrate your pragmatic bent by featuring your cooking implements. Alternatively, you could lean into decorative elements like a salt and pepper shaker collector.

By simply swapping out the displayed items, you can change the color and feel of the room without significant financial investment. Glass can also be accompanied by attractive hardware, giving the room a sophisticated air.

3. Mixed Materials Shelving Designs

A blend of natural wood and modern industrial hardware can revolutionize your interior design. Consider open kitchen shelving constructed with black or stainless piping as well as subtly stained and coated wood. Homeowners can run the mixed shelving designs from the bottom of high kitchen storage cabinets or convert entire walls.

Like other trending design ideas, this approach can accentuate the best elements of the space. Use Biltmore’s Kitchen Visualizer tool to test how these materials would look in your kitchen.

4. Rustic Open Kitchen Shelving

Homeowners seeking a thoroughly rustic atmosphere might opt for thick, natural wood shelving with the strength to hold items such as cast iron Dutch ovens and large pottery. This rustic open kitchen shelving mirrors the functionality needs of yesteryear’s designs. Homeowners often couple installing attractive dark-stained, hardwood shelves with a pantry closet to maximize kitchen storage and eliminate clutter.

5. Carve an Open Shelving Niche

A currently-emerging trend for homeowners who wish to tuck items away behind doors yet also enjoy open shelving involves a niche. It entails one (or more) cabinets on the wall with shelves installed on either side, which gives the latter an appearance of extending from the cabinet. Those shelves are built-in like a wall-to-wall bookcase in a den, yet smaller and more specifically placed. This best-of-both-worlds approach can make your kitchen more convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Open Kitchen Shelving Installers Working in Northern Virginia

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Homeowners considering open kitchen shelving or other remodeling ideas can turn to the experienced professionals at Biltmore Design Galleria. Our team works diligently across Northern Virginia to create welcoming interior designs through custom shelving, cabinets, and countertops that transform spaces. Call (703) 657-3303 or visit our Chantilly showroom to get the design-and-build process started!

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