Bathroom Vanity Remodeling Ideas

bathroom vanity remodel

A focal point in virtually every home, most bathroom vanity installations comprise a sink, countertop, and mirror. These fundamental features marry style and function in a locus of activity that sees use daily. Yet wear and tear will take their toll, and you’ll begin considering bathroom vanity makeover options. Would antique elements or a farmhouse style revitalize your space? Or is a modern credenza more your style? Regardless, turn to Biltmore Design Galleria for bathroom vanity installation services.

Biltmore is a design, installation, and remodeling company that works with homeowners throughout Northern Virginia. Our team handles comprehensive home and room-specific remodels, including kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity projects. Visit our website to learn why previous clients rave about our outstanding customer service and project outcomes. Then, call our Chantilly Showroom at 703-657-3303 for a free project consultation.

Below, we offer some remodeling approaches that can transform your bathroom vanity:

Antique Features

You may require bathroom vanity renovations for many of the same reasons you need kitchen remodeling, including lack of space, a change in family circumstances, or outdated features. Yet your project need not pursue the shiniest new features to succeed. On the contrary, leveraging antique features can produce a unique yet practical solution for your vanity search.

Locating an antique bathroom vanity may involve visiting local shops or searching online for something that fits your needs. Yet your selection need not be ornate or fragile—an old-school pedestal sink of freestanding porcelain can complete a home with other classic decorative elements.

However, the modern farmhouse aesthetic popularized by HGTV’s Fixer Upper is also a potent style option you can incorporate with reclaimed wood pieces or an antique vanity. Weathered wood, in particular, can add texture to a refined space to increase the room’s homely appeal.

Contemporary Twists

Antique features need not retain all their original parts—Biltmore can upcycle vintage pieces and incorporate more modern elements like waterproofed countertops. For instance, upcycling a midcentury modern credenza blends the classic with the contemporary for a retro appeal.

Alternatively, you might try an industrial look by adding a poured and polished concrete vanity, the clean lines of which suit a minimalist-style interior. A floating vanity, whether concrete or another material, also contributes to an airy feeling and even conserves some space.

Tailor to Fit

Small and large bathroom designs can apply the same principles to achieve different outcomes. A half-bath, for instance, can make do with a narrow mirror and freestanding or pedestal sink. Also, incorporating a sink base cabinet that hugs the walls may help optimize storage space.

Consider incorporating a double vanity if you have a spacious bathroom that could use a vanity renovation. This luxurious upgrade allows two people to use the room simultaneously, either side-to-side or back-to-back. A double sink vanity complemented by towel cubbies or open bathroom shelving offers exciting customization options for homeowners.

Expand Your Scope

bathroom remodel

A straightforward vanity upgrade is exciting, but who says you have to stop at that? Knock down a bathroom wall and expand your vanity to an island in the middle of the bathroom. Otherwise, ensure your new vanity delivers the highest possible value by increasing the natural light in your space, an adjustment that can improve your mood.

Another luxury feature worth considering is bathroom seating, which can complement a picture window or offer space to relax while your significant other preps for their day. Likewise, a dressing table alongside your double vanity gives you and your loved ones space to prep in the bathroom so that make-up and outfits can come together organically.

Bathroom Vanity Design and Renovations in Northern Virginia

Despite their relatively small size, bathroom vanities offer thrilling design possibilities. Nevertheless, pulling off such a project requires design and build specialists who can work with your schedule and budget. Northern Virginia residents rely on Biltmore Design Galleria to do just that, and our team guarantees outstanding results no matter where we work. To learn more about your home’s design potential, call our Chantilly Showroom at 703-657-3303.

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