6 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

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Renovation is a necessary project for our homes to maintain beauty and value. However, it can be overwhelming too. One of the most used areas in your home that may benefit from renovation is your bathroom. Bathroom remodeling can improve the functionality of your bathroom and boost the appeal of your home. Here are the six signs that will tell you it’s time to remodel your bathroom.

  • Cracks and leaks

Like any other part of your home, your bathroom is also subject to daily wear and tear. One of the most common signs that your bathroom needs remodeling is when the tiles are stained or cracked, peeling paints, and plumbing issues. It is best to fix these issues before they lead to more costly damage and pose safety hazards to your family.

  • Outdated design

If your bathroom was built ages ago, it might not hurt to give it a remodeling. Giving your bathroom a new design or a new color will give the space a new look and improve its functionality. Your bathroom offers you a personal and private time for yourself; its decoration and the fixtures installed in it will help set the mood for you.

  • Inadequate space and storage

Perhaps you find your bathroom too tight or do not have enough space to put your necessities. Bathroom remodeling will allow you to open up the area and creatively add storage solutions for your needs. Thus, making your bathroom more organized and easier to navigate

  • Energy inefficient

There was a time when we are all very fond of that vintage-looking incandescent lamp. While it gives you the classic ambiance, it is also costly to maintain. Apart from that, the lighting can be dim posing threats to your safety. Perhaps it’s high time to give up the energy-inefficient lighting fixtures and replace them with something that provides proper illumination but is not too costly to maintain. You can also add a dimmer switch to help you adjust to its level of brightness. And while you’re at it, you may also like to add a few windows strategically inside your bathroom to allow natural light and to save on your energy consumption. 

  • Changing needs

Is your family growing? Or do you have a family member with specific bathroom needs? If yes, then it is time to remodel your bathroom. Typically, when you have kids at home, you also want a bathroom with bigger space. An older adult or a family member with mobility issues will also prompt you to redesign your bathroom so that it will be easier for them to navigate the area with no risks of injury or fall. You may like to change your bathtub to a walk-in shower with hand railings or replace your toilets with something that is ADA compliant.

  • Increase curb appeal

The bathroom is one of the house’s areas that homebuyers will check before purchasing a home. If you plan to put your home up for sale in the future, then bathroom remodeling will surely help boost your value.

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