What Are The Benefits Of Solid Wood Flooring

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When installing a floor for your home, the next big decision you will make is choosing the flooring materials to use. With the numerous choices available, finding suitable flooring materials can be challenging. Should you go for tiles? carpet? Or vinyl? If you consider luxury, durability and elegance, then solid wood flooring is the right option for you.

As its name implies, solid wood flooring is made of solid wood of different species such as oak, maple, bamboo, walnut, mahogany, etc. Solid wood flooring is one of the most sought-after materials for many homes today. Here are the top benefits of solid wood flooring.

  • Durable

One notable characteristic of a solid wood flooring is its durability. Solid woods can withstand wear and tear and heavy foot traffic. Installing solid wood flooring may be quite expensive than other flooring materials; however, its durability can also save you a great amount in the long run. This type of floor can last for a very long time, especially when properly maintained. Some solid wood floorings were even able to witness the family’s preceding generations. 

  • Easy to maintain

Apart from being highly durable, solid wood flooring also requires less maintenance. Routine dusting and mopping are what your solid wood flooring needed to keep its beauty and elegance. Solid wood flooring won’t get damaged easily too. And since they are sealed, they can resist stains and scrapes. As long as you keep them away from water and moisture, you will have your solid wood flooring looking like it’s in its top condition all throughout the years. 

  • All-natural

Another benefit that solid wood flooring offers is its all-natural materials. Each board has a unique and distinct pattern that you cannot find in other flooring materials. It does not contain synthetics and chemicals, unlike other cheaper flooring materials. Solid wood flooring also helps improve your home’s indoor air quality since it doesn’t attract and trap allergens such as dust, pet dander, and others. This makes solid wood flooring the best flooring option for homeowners with allergy issues. 

  • Boosts home value

Anything that can make your home attractive, functional, and long-lasting helps boost its home value. Installing solid wood flooring is considered a smart investment since this type of flooring increases your home’s value. In fact, according to the Consumer Reports’ nationally representative survey, solid wood flooring can help sell your property faster and increase your sale price by 3%-5%. 

  • Timeless beauty

The beauty and elegance of solid wood flooring is timeless. It will never go out of style and will match whatever architectural design your home has. If you want to get a new color for floors without spending too much, you can sand its finish and restain it. Installing solid wood flooring for your home will give it a warm feeling and a welcoming ambiance to the visitors. It also helps improve your home’s aesthetic appeal helps make small areas look bigger.

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