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We Aspire to Create Environments Where We Can Flourish.

Norcraft Cabinetry has a large selection of glazed, painted, and natural wood cabinets, perfect for any kitchen. Everyone has a unique idea for their ideal kitchen, and we help you achieve that dream. All our kitchen cabinets have plenty of options, such as custom glass and grille choices, a drawer option, and different wood species. All these pieces allow you to make your dream kitchen a reality.

The images seen above are some examples of kitchen cabinets that we make, shown in kitchen spaces. Our cabinets are made for both indoor and outdoor kitchens, and with our custom cabinet design options, you can find ones that fit perfectly in any space. We carry glazed, painted, and other cabinet types, and our Custom Cabinet Designer lets you find the one that works for you. And remember, all our Kitchen Cabinets are Authentically American.


Our commitment is to create beautiful built-in furniture for your home that is timeless in design, unique to your tastes and built to last a lifetime at a value that will surprise you. Use this book for inspiration as you plan a space that eases your workload with smart design and storage for all that life throws at you.

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Door Styles


offers a smooth, closed grain pattern, generally off-white in color with varying tones of light pink and yellow-brown. Maple contains a natural resin that causes the wood to turn amber as it ages. Painted Maple cabinetry door styles may consist of various hardwood components.

Rustic alder

has a fine, straight-grain pattern and even texture. The color is a light brown with a reddish tinge that stains evenly. Rustic Alder includes character spots, knots, burls and blemishes which do not affect the product durability.


is a rich and multi-colored hardwood distinguished by its flowing grain pattern. Pitch pockets, checks, pin knots and sap wood all occur naturally in cherry wood. Color varies from light to deep reddish brown and will darken or mellow with age. This will be more noticeable with natural or light stain finishes.


is characterized by its wide open grain patterns and extreme durability. Variations in grain pattern and color, small knots and pin holes are attributes of nature giving oak its distinctive beauty.


is known for its strength, open grain and distinctive color variation within each piece of wood. Ranging from light to deep brown, Hickory’s unpredictable color spread is especially noticeable in a natural or light finish, with darker stains mellowing the variation.

Rustic hickory

the term Rustic refers to using material that presents a more authentic country, rural feel to the cabinetry. The cabinets are designed to include a large amount of character elements in the wood.

Finish Options


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