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Garage storage with custom closets

Turn a “cave” into a place of comfort where everything has its place.

Frequently, garages are a neglected, messy space that ends up as the final resting place for every household item that doesn’t have a home. When it seems that everything except the car is parked inside the garage, it’s time to invest in a garage storge system. With a new garage organization system and some storage tips, Closet Works can help you modernize and get much more use out of your garage space. Custom cabinetry and work benches that keep everything straightened out are the hallmark of the well appointed garage — and Closet Works knows how to make it happen. Clutter will be eliminated when everything has a specific place to call home.

Lawn/Garden Kit Includes:

4 heavy duty garden tool hooks;

1 hose hook; 2 heavy duty utility hooks;

10 cover caps for large base plate hooks;

2 cover caps for small base plate hooks;

2 hand tool hooks; 1 large bin.

Work/Craft Bench Kit Includes

3 plier hooks; 3 wrench hooks;

3 screwdriver hooks; 3 single hooks;

1 paper organizer; 2 hand tool hooks;

17 cover caps for small base plate hooks;

2 small bins; 2 medium bins; 2 large bins.

Sports Kit Includes:

2 heavy duty activity hooks;

1 heavy duty 16” utility hook;

2 heavy duty bike hooks;

10 cover caps for large base plate hooks; 2 large storage bins.

2 hand tool hooks; 1 large bin.

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