Dark Wood Vs. Light Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Wood Vs. Light Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Wood vs. Light Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

When doing a kitchen renovation, one of the most common questions is whether they should use dark wood or light wood kitchen cabinets. When choosing colors for your kitchen cabinets, it is important that you think about the preservation of the warmth, feel and overall design you want for your kitchen.

Light kitchen cabinets

Some people prefer light kitchen cabinets because they are timeless and classic pieces. Cabinets are usually large so a lighter color will give your cabinets a more expansive feel. Generally, a kitchen with light color and light cabinets will give off a clean and sleek look.

Light wood finished on your kitchen cabinet can also make the kitchen area look bigger and airy. If you want your kitchen to look fresh and cheery, then light kitchen cabinets are for you as it can reflect light inside. Wood with light finish can also give off a more laid back and relaxed feel inside your kitchen.

Dark wood cabinets

Kitchen cabinets with a dark finish will make the kitchen area look more formal. If you don’t like lighter colors because it looks too airy, going dark is best for you. When done properly, a kitchen with a dark palette can look gorgeous and rich. With its rich color, it can imply a more sophisticated look. If your kitchen is in a position that doesn’t get more natural light, it is not recommended to use dark-colored cabinets as it can make your kitchen look darker and a feeling of being confined. The dark kitchen cabinet works well with white and light-colored floors.

What to choose then?

If you love the elegance of dark cabinets, you can go for it or if you want to go lighter for a sleeking cleaner look, then you have that option too. Both dark wood and light wood cabinets are good to use in your kitchen but when choosing, it is important that you consider your own preference and what look you are trying to achieve. You can also look at your kitchen floor, countertops and kitchen walls to get an idea which type of cabinet will look best. After all, kitchen cabinets should complement your kitchen area and should create a harmonious feel inside the entire home.

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