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BLANCO offers a wide variety of faucet collections in popular styles ranging from semi-professional and contemporary, to classic and traditional. Available in full metal and dual-finish options.

Extensive analyses of current trends, observation of international living, lifestyle habits and an ongoing dialogue with customers, form the foundation for our successful design concepts. The design department at BLANCO is in touch with renowned designers worldwide.

When it comes to our faucets, we pay close attention to all parts that come into contact with water, and adhere to the highest standards when choosing materials. One of our departments is solely focused on ensuring that our high standards of quality are maintained across all areas of the company.

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Jurena Faucet

BLANCO JURENA-S offers even greater flexibility thanks to its extendible outlet. The highlight feature is the hand-spout, which is concealed so effectively that is goes almost completely unnoticed. As such, the JURENA-S also has the appearance of being ‘cast from a single piece of metal’.


The KANO series from BLANCO is impressive in terms of functionality: the upward-rising line of the spout makes it particularly well suited to compact sinks. The spout of the S-version can be pivoted 120 degrees, or 360 degrees for the fixed version, making washing up and working at your sink all the more convenient. Your KANO mixer tap can also be equipped with a pull-out spout upon request, making cleaning larger pots and pans an absolute breeze.

Kano Faucet
Finess Faucet

BLANCO FINESS’ high outlet proves it worth by filling large vessels with ease. As the outlet can be swivelled 360°, reaching even the furthest corners presents no problem, e.g. if you want to give your draining surface a thorough rinse-down.


The dual-colour BLANCO FILO model is particular visually striking and can be colour-matched exactly to SILGRANIT™ bowls. Chrome and brushed stainless steel versions are also available for pairing with classic stainless steel sinks. BLANCO FILO thus blends in beautifully with the overall look of your kitchen. There is also a degree of flexibility when it comes to attaching the lever: it can go on the left, right or in the middle.

Filo Faucet
Evol Faucet

The EVOL-S Volume from BLANCO is the perfect smart mixer tap for when you need a precise amount of water. Another plus is that using a specific amount of water puts an end to unnecessary wasting of water, making this mixer tap economical and environmentally friendly. EVOL-S provides intelligent control of the water flow: the greater the amount of water you want, the more powerful the jet and the faster the water flow. This means no unnecessary waiting.


BLANCOCULINA is an exclusive mixer tap with superlative design. This multiple award-winning professional mixer tap creates fantastic working conditions for home cooks. The high, bendable arched outlet can be rotated 360°. The outlet can be pulled deep into the bowl, preventing splashes. The practical magnetic holder is another ingenious detail: simply lift off the outlet, and away you go! In addition to the basic version, BLANCOCULINA is also available in two other models.

Culina Faucet
Coressa Faucet

Our CORESSA-F mixer tap is the perfect solution for those looking for a hinged mixer tap to go in front of a window. The convenient folding mechanism allows the mixer tap to be retracted in seconds, so that the outlet disappears completely into the bowl, while the remaining fitting is only a few centimetres high.


Thanks to its timeless, classic design, BLANCO BRAVON works particularly well in kitchens with am unfussy, minimalist look. This mixer tap puts the emphasis on functionality: BLANCO BRAVON’s high, arched outlet offers barrier-free working at the tap and sink – filling large pots or vases presents no problem at all. The large swivel range only add to the convenience of the BLANCO BRAVON design.

Bravon Faucet
Ambis Faucet

The design of BLANCO AMBIS is impressive for its timeless symmetry and clean lines. Made of solid stainless steel, this premium mixer tap can withstand very heavy-duty use. The radial brushed surfaces enhance the overall sophisticated look and are also pleasant to touch. In practical terms, BLANCO AMBIS also wins points for its barrier-free use. The high-set outlet allows plenty of room for movement.


The 360° pivotable outlet provides a fantastic working radius. BLANCO AVONA-S offers an even greater range thanks to its pull-out hose. With its 140° pivotable outlet, BLANCO AVONA-S makes cleaning vegetables or filling tall vases a breeze. When it comes to colour-matching, BLANCO AVONA also comes in an impressive range of shades: the mixer tap is available in chrome and all 9 of the current SILGRANIT™ colours – both in the version with a pull-out hose and in models with a fully pivotable outlet.

Avona Faucet
Antas Faucet

Small sinks can quickly look overloaded if the mixer tap used does not chime with its proportions. BLANCO ANTAS is the answer to this problem. With its clean, harmonious design, this mixer tap accentuates your compact sink, while maintaining a sense of balance. In the basic version, the 360° pivotable outlet offers an optimal range of action.


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