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The best hardwood floors on the market, the most durable and especially, the most environmentally friendly.

Solid Wood Floors. A Solid wood floor is made of 100% wood and has a thickness of ¾’’. It is available in 2 ¼’’, 3 ¼’’ and 4 ¼’’ widths, in most species, and in a 7 ¼ width in the Cabin Pine series. Boards have micro v-joints on all 4 sides and are of random lengths.

Engineered wood floors. Engineered flooring is made of a hardwood surface layer, laid on top of Baltic birch plywood, for a better stability when exposed to variations in humidity. It can be installed on any floor of the house, including the basement, and can be installed on all types of subfloors, including those equipped with a radiant heating system. Their versatility allows for a glued, stapled or nailed installation, and even floating for most species.

Minimizing our environmental footprint means producing less waste, recycling more, exercising rigorous traceability and responsible forest management. That’s why all our wood sources are certified environmentally responsible and our wood flooring continues to help create buildings that are compliant with LEED certification.

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