Hardwood Flooring Trends 2020

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Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring and a favorite choice of many homeowners for their homes. It helps enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and, at the same time, is very durable. It can last for many decades especially when maintained well. No wonder, hardwood flooring has become a flooring trend for this year, once again. 

Hardwood flooring with wider planks

The home and flooring industry has evolved and so are the length of the flooring planks. Hardwood flooring with wider planks has increasingly become popular today. The width of each plank can go up to twelve inches. It is perfect for homes with smaller spaces or apartments since it makes the area look larger and spacious. Apart from that, wider planks are also very flexible; it will add a contemporary appeal to your modern home or make any vintage style home more authentic. 

Solid hardwood

While engineered hardwood has risen into popularity in the past years, still, nothing beats solid hardwood. Homeowners are smarter today when it comes to choosing home renovation materials. Solid hardwood flooring is very durable and lasts a lifetime. The planks are also uniform and will fit properly with each other. Solid hardwood flooring requires little maintenance, just occasional sand and refinish and you will have a home flooring that looks attractive and ageless. 

Hardwood with earth tones

There are so many colors and textures available to choose from with hardwood flooring. You can have it stained or painted, but the trend for this year is all about earth tones. The earth tones will give your floor a naturally homey atmosphere. It is simple yet elegant and will match well with any architectural design. You can also add whitewash to wood grains with earth tones to get a matte and more subtle appeal for your flooring. And if you have enough budget, you can also consider enhanced color treatments for a more stunning result. 

Reactive treatment for hardwood flooring

Another style for hardwood flooring that has become a trend for this year is reactive hardwood flooring. Reactive treatment for hardwood flooring uses a reactive technology wherein a water-based solution called a reactive stain is applied on the hardwood to accelerate the organic processes that occur within the natural element of the wood. These organic processes include the changing of color of the wood, adding more life to each plank and magnifying its beauty. 

Hardwood with natural-looking finishes

Another popular trend is applying natural finishes on your hardwood flooring. Homeowners are eyeing satin, semi-gloss, glossy and flatter finish for hardwood floors. Natural finishes will give your floor a more European, classy, and elegant look. 

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