Different Types of Stone Counter Finishes and Maintenance

Modern stone kitchen counter tops

When it comes to the subject of kitchen renovation, there are so many things that you can do — from changing the color of your kitchen paint, remodeling your kitchen floor, and installing your new kitchen countertops. 

Natural stone countertops last a lifetime. They are incredibly durable, require minimal maintenance and can withstand the spills, accidents and mishaps that often accompany day-to-day living. There are a wide range of stone finishes that you can choose from for your kitchen countertops. The most popular choices are as follow:

  • Polished Stone Finish

If you are looking for a highly reflective surface, then a polished stone finish is the choice for you. Its texture is smooth enough and will show off the stone’s vibrant color, which is achieved through a repeated and comprehensive application of abrasive treatments on the stone. Apart from that, the depth and beauty of the stone’s crystal structure will be emphasized with polished stone finish. It wouldn’t be too hard to clean and maintain polished stone finish countertops with it comes maintenance because of its moisture repellant. However, you may need to re-polish it regularly to keep its elegance and vibrancy. 

  •  Honed Stone Finish

Another popular stone countertop finish is the honed stone finish. It provides a matte look yet smooth to touch. Compared to polished stone finish, honed stone finish isn’t mirror-like; instead, it has its own charm adding a rustic ambiance on your kitchen. The good thing about honed stone finish is that it helps conceal any of the stone’s imperfections since it isn’t so reflective. Honed stone finish is more porous; therefore, it is more susceptible to staining. Part of its maintenance is to have it reseal annually with a penetrating sealer.

  • Leathered Stone Finish

If you are not fond of the matte look or the mirror-like finish, then you might like to consider the leathered stone finish. This type of stone finish will give your kitchen countertop a smooth and warm texture. It goes well with darker colored countertops like granite as it retains the color or the stone and helps conceal smudges and fingerprints. Plus, it is more stain-resistant compared to other types of stone finish. Leathered stone finish needs little maintenance; you just need to wipe it a cleaning agent using a microfiber cloth. 

  • Tumbled Stone Finish

Tumbled stone finish is another kitchen countertop finish that is growing in popularity nowadays. The stone is dipped into the solution of mild acids, small pebbles, sand, and water, creating a weathered appearance. This type of finish will perfectly match on a rustic or vintage architectural design. Tumbled stone finish doesn’t require a lot of maintenance; wiping and cleaning it with a cleaning agent would be enough to maintain its look. 

  • Flamed Stone Finish 

A flamed stone finish is achieved by intensely heating the stone and then cooling it right away to burn the stone’s carbon content, creating a rustic color. Apart from the regular wiping of the countertop, a flamed stone finish requires no maintenance. 

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