What You Need to Know About Ageless Kitchen & Bath Design

Classic white contestoga tile kitchen design

Why should you renovate?

You may have bought a home that doesn’t suit your taste or your style has changed over the years due to changes in lifestyle and priorities. When a certain space in your home no longer gives you the satisfaction it once gave or it doesn’t make you feel comfortable, the best solution is to have a renovation. When you renovate a space, you can change the style and total appearance of a certain space according to your own needs and taste. One of the most common house spaces that undergo several renovations is your kitchen and bathrooms.

Renovating kitchen and baths

If you are considering renovating your kitchen and bath, your own preference and opinion matters. However, if you want to get a good inspiration and design for your renovation, it is best if you choose something that is timeless and classic. Creating an ageless kitchen and bath will prevent you from spending a lot of money in the near future. You might be tempted to go for the latest trend and ideas but it is practical to design your kitchen and bath with timeless elegance. 

Getting neutral or going classic is a good idea especially if you have plans on selling your home. If you plan on staying in your home for longer years, then it might be best to put more of your personality into your kitchen and bath. Don’t worry, ageless and classic designs doesn’t mean you can’t put your own design and idea into it. For example, when renovating your kitchen, consider having an open layout. Kitchen with open layouts will allow you to talk to your family and guests while you are cooking a delicious meal. 

Instead of pullout shelves, choose drawers. It can allow you full access to everything while making it easier to organize your things. After all, the organization never goes of style. Keep your things in order by using drawers – you can also use it to attract buyers. In your bath, use the kitchen height vanity cabinet. Consider adding grab bars and shower seat inside to make a barrier-free shower threshold. 

Ageless kitchens and baths are here to stay!

Creating a timeless kitchen and bath doesn’t just offer you beautiful space and a classic design that you can enjoy for years to come, it can also be beneficial to a potential home buyer. Make your kitchen and bath desirable to the eye and functional, give it a new look with timeless design and style. After all, your kitchen is the hub of your home so make sure it always looks gorgeous and well designed.

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