How to Organize a High-Traffic Mudroom & Entryway

Neutral Colored High-Traffic Mudroom & Entryway

There is no greater eyesore than clutter — especially on your entryway. Your home’s entryway is the first thing that anyone can see as he or she enters your house. And it wouldn’t be a great way to build a nice first impression if they are welcomed with a messy pile of shoes, slippers, boots, or umbrella. Aside from making your area untidy, unorganized entryway, or any area in your home at that, will make the space appear so small. The best way to deal with this is to have a place where you can put all your stuff like remodeling your entryway or mudroom.

A mudroom is typically a part of the house where you can put your used footwear and clothing. This is a very crucial part of homes especially in those areas with seasonal weather changes. Like the entryway, it can also get untidy easily. So how are you going to organize your mudroom and entryway so it can hold the high traffic of people? Check out the tips below:

Create custom closets

Custom closets and built-in cabinets are a good solution to minimize the items that get scattered on the floor. Tall cabinets will come in handy for your jackets and coats. Make sure to install it near the entryway so you can easily hang your clothes in it after going out.

Keep daily necessities accessible

Store the frequently used items like the shoes, boots, and jackets to places that are easy to reach. You may also like to install a boot bench so you will have something to sit on as you remove your boots or untie shoes; and then store it right away just right under the bench.

Dedicate a space for each family member

If you have kids and your entryway or mudroom is spacious, then control the possible mess by dedicating a space for each family member. This will make it easier for them to store their items and find them easily when they need it. Aside from that, it is also another way of training them in organizing their own stuff.

Maximize the space

Smaller entryway and mudroom get cluttered easily. In this case, maximize your space by adding hooks on the wall where you can put your bags, hats, and other items. Consider installing a small open cabinet where you can hang all your keys, sunglasses, and others.

Label them

The key in organizing your stuff is to store the same items together; and then label them. Shoes should be stored in the same compartment and things that are seldom used should be placed in one container. Baskets, bins, and storage boxes should be labeled accordingly. This way, it will be easier for you to find things without disarranging other items.

Go for convenience

You don’t need a huge space to provide storage for everything. Keep everything in handy or within reach. If everything is accessible, then it would be easier for everyone to follow the organization routine.

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