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Generally, living space is where a person spends their time, particularly the part of a house or flat, excluding the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. It may also function as a reception room for guests. Of course, everyone wants to stay in a clean, clutter-free, and organized living space. Regardless of the size of your living space, there are a lot of things you can do to maximize its potential. It may be overwhelming at first, especially when you have a lot of decision-making, such as considering the paint colors for the walls, what kind of furniture you already have and what you need, and how to arrange and accessorize it.

The space of your dreams may not be so out of reach if you consider the following tips when designing your living space.

Things To Remember When Designing Your Living Space

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In order to not overwhelm yourself with the task of designing your living space, you can break down the tasks into the following.

Modern living space with ceramic flooring


One of the most important elements of home design, particularly the living space, is the furniture. Keep in mind that not all furniture should be up against the walls. This will create a more expansive space for you and your guests to move around. Be sure to consider choosing a focal point, creating conversation areas, and considering traffic flow.


Big rugs are the key to making a living space more inviting. It makes the room look bigger and doesn’t visually break up the floor. All the furniture should be sitting on top of the rug. The ideal space between the edges of the area rug to the walls are about 10-to-20 inches.

Kitchen design with vinyl flooring and wood accent
Bruce Hardwood kitchen design with furnace


Lighting plays a crucial role in the design. It’s paramount that you include each of the three main lighting types: ambient, task, and accent. Updating the lighting fixtures can be an inexpensive way to help improve the overall aesthetic of any space, according to experts. Essentially, it could also add elegance and comfort to your living space.


The addition of artistic materials, such as paintings, has a significant impact on the design of the living space. Large artwork on the wall is eye-catching, yet not the least bit cluttered. Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are other artistic ways on how to create an enticing and cohesive look.

Bruce Hardwood living space design
fairfax hardwood flooring

Paint Colors

Colors are crucial in any design. Thus, choosing the right color is of the essence. White paint and neutrals are among the most common options for living spaces. Painting your ceilings the same color as your walls can enhance the sense of intimacy even further.

Achieving the best design for your living space is a dream come true. If you are having trouble decorating or designing your living space or any rooms in the house, don’t hesitate to call Biltmore Design Galleria. Their home design experts can help you from start to finish and ensure that your plans are accomplished.


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