The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Kitchen Design Northern Virginia

Kitchen remodels are an ideal way to increase the functionality of your space. But if you don’t have much real estate to spare, you must leverage creativity to establish a functional yet beautiful space that fulfills your needs. Working with a contracting team well-versed in small kitchen design can help you incorporate storage and aesthetic elements that make compact space feel airy and elegant.

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Below, we offer some small kitchen remodel inspiration

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Get Started

Incorporate natural light

Installing windows is the best way to make a small kitchen feel big, open, and uncluttered. No matter the window size, you’ll benefit from adding natural light to the space. Doing so will require some out-of-the-box thinking to fit into a simple kitchen, but your contractor can help you transform your space into one that embraces natural light.

Use opening shelving

Small Kitchen Design Northern Virginia

Storage is integral to all kitchens. However, bulky, closed cabinets eat up space and make a small kitchen feel confined. Consider mixing in open shelving instead. Although you might store the same items on those open shelves as cabinets, the latter helps your kitchen feel less cluttered thanks to fewer closed-in spaces.

If you need the cabinetry but want the feel of open shelving, ask your contractor about replacing the cabinet doors with glass. Doing so can create an effect similar to open shelving, suggesting open space without eliminating the storage potential of your cabinetry. 

Fill in nooks

If your kitchen has an odd corner or awkward alcove, turn it into storage for items that usually sit on your counters. Incorporating custom-cut shelving can make the “dead” space functional and open the countertops. Leverage your available space whenever possible.

Add a mobile island

Rather than making do with a stationary island, opt for a movable one. Doing so allows you to recruit additional space for preparing meals or serving guests, then shift it aside when you don’t. Any small kitchen will benefit from such options.

Keep clutter to a minimum

The most important aspect of a small kitchen design is managing clutter. As you plan for new cabinets and shelving, consider what appliances, kitchenware, tools, and other items you need in this space. Remove anything unnecessary to create ample room for the items you can’t go without.

Small Kitchen Design and Renovation in Northern Virginia! 

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