How to Incorporate Floating Shelves for Extra Storage

floating shelves for kitchen renovation

In today’s housing market, prospective homeowners struggle to find a property that checks every box. Indeed, many buyers compromise on appearance or storage space, which makes them feel less comfortable in their new space. Yet homeowners can maximize their space with style by incorporating creative storage additions such as kitchen floating shelves. Moreover, this variety of shelves can work in almost any other room. Let’s discuss how you can use floating shelves throughout your home to elevate and customize your space.

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Below, we discuss different ways to incorporate floating shelves in your home:

Kitchen Storage

For many, kitchen cabinets don’t provide sufficient storage. Instead, they leave various kitchen appliances and utensils without a home. Yet floating shelves are an excellent kitchen storage solution that seamlessly blend with any existing design. Kitchen shelving can be installed to compliment or break up cabinetry, adding both visual interest and an abundance of storage. Consider matching your floating shelves to your cabinets to create a coherent feel!

Frame a Window

Natural light boosts physical and mental well-being, so windows should be a focal point in any room. Adding floating shelves around a window can accentuate the natural light and amplify its positive effects. Consider installing a shelf above a window for trailing plants to hang low and gleam in the ambient light.

Corner Shelves

Due to the harsh angles and limited space, many people deem tight corners useless. However, they can have floating shelves installed to nuzzle perfectly into such spaces and revitalize a room while adding functional storage. Additionally, by leveraging the vertical space in a room and placing shelving high on a wall, you can create the illusion of a larger space.

Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms are generally among the smallest rooms in a home, yet they demand extensive storage space. Traditional bathroom shelving can overwhelm the room, making it appear smaller than it is. Adding bathroom floating shelves on the small walls and area around the toilet can give your bathroom a luxurious feel with organized storage for exfoliants and perfumes galore.

Minimalist Furniture

If you have limited space, you can maintain a spacious feeling by substituting clunky furniture with floating shelves. By installing floating shelves at desk or bed level, you can forego the need for a desk or nightstand! Alternatively, for book lovers, floating shelves promise a stylish and organized display for all their favorite reads.

As a Design Element

In addition to the functional benefits of floating shelves, you can use them as an appealing design trend. Shelves come in various materials and colors, making them an endlessly customizable way to add visual interest to a room. If you have an awkward and empty corner, consider adding extra flair by showcasing trinkets and decor on a floating shelf!

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Professional Kitchen Floating Shelf Installation in Northern VA!

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